3rd Annual Barathon East Coast

May 26, 2012
Ardmore, PA

Race Summary

The 3rd and final running of Barathon in Ardmore commenced a bit after 11:00 am
this past Saturday.  We had a smaller field than last year, but a lot of new
faces, a couple surprising DQs, and a new course record, making this perhaps the
most memorable of the three races.

Tom Croskey led practically from the gun this year and improved on last year's
time by nearly 3 minutes, easily defending his men's title and taking the
overall victory for the first time.  He even eclipsed Lowell Ladd's winning time
at the inaugural event (22:38) to set a new and likely final course record
(22:22).  Elizabeth (Smith) Doherty won the women's race, taking second overall
in her usual style, two minutes ahead of the next finisher and nearly seven
minutes ahead of the next woman.

The real race was for 2nd on both the mens' and women's side.  Noah, Casey,
Joel, and Ryan traded positions over the first two laps, but a nearly 3-minute
3rd beer put Casey out of the running.  As Joel fell about 25 seconds back, Noah
and Ryan traded positions over the next 2 laps; Noah quicker on beer, but Ryan
on the run, coming into the 5th beer with just a five second lead.  After Noah
quickly polished his last beer, and Joel also arrived and left, Ryan had no
choice but to attempt a final chug.  His attempt failed, resulting in a puke/DQ.
At almost exactly the same time, as Peter was just starting out on his 4th run
lap, he also relinquished.  It marked, I believe, the first event in Barathon
history with two male DQs.  With Ryan out of the way, Noah captured second, with
Joel 37 seconds back, and Casey another 3:15 behind.

On the women's side, another battle for 2nd was waged.  Dani, Aimee, and Ruth
were neck and neck at the end of beers 1 (5-second spread), 2 (7 seconds), 3 (2
seconds), and 4 (2 seconds), with Aimee somewhat faster on the run, but slower
on the beer.  The fifth lap was the differentiator, as Dani finished her last
beer a full 19 seconds before Aimee, and had the fastest final run split of the
three to sew up 2nd place.  With Ruth just 3 seconds behind her, Aimee took
advantage of her superior running, beating Ruth by almost a minute in the end.

Wrapping up the field were Dan, Dov, and Lauren, followed by Dawn and Rachel,
who ran the entire race together.  Claude and Alex, despite very different
splits, finished together 8 and a half minutes later.  Other than Tom,
performances were average at best, though Dan and Aimee both set 50+ second PRs.
Other than the DQs, Alex likely had the least prestigious split, clocking 8:57
for his fourth beer.

For the first time, I successfully filmed the race, and used it to record each
participant's splits for both beer and running.  They are available here.

Thanks everyone for coming and making this a great event.  We hope to have a
Barathon Lancaster when we get settled at the new house, and I believe Rob is
planning a Barathon Delaware in September.  It's been a good three years in
Ardmore.  Thank you again.


Official Results

OP = Overall Place
SP = Sex Place

OP  SP  Name              Sex  Time    Prev BEC Times
 1   1  Tom Croskey        M   22:22           25:15
 2   1  Elizabeth Doherty  F   23:36    23:14  22:47
 3   2  Noah Sideman       M   25:34           26:30
 4   3  Joel Outten        M   26:11    25:25  26:16
 5   4  Casey Alrich       M   29:26
 6   2  Dani Murtha        F   30:31
 7   3  Aimee McGinnis     F   30:59           31:52
 8   4  Ruth Strickland    F   31:57
 9   5  Dan McGinnis       M   32:06           33:23
10   6  Dov Goldman        M   34:16    41:36  32:47
11   5  Lauren Fein        F   37:53
12   6  Rachel Schneider   F   39:12
12   6  Dawn Lavene        F   39:12
14   7  Claude Blanchette  M   47:48
14   7  Alex Rembert       M   47:48    45:38  37:10
--DQ--  Ryan Doherty       M  5th beer  28:53  36:43
--DQ--  Peter Cline        M  4th lap   29:40